• A Guide to Dental Website Design


    November 24th, 2010adminarticles

    A dentist should know how to market his services, and what better way than via the internet. Having a website is practical in the sense that most people these days have already ditched their telephone directory and prefer to do localized searches on the internet.

    But what if you don’t have a website yet? It’s time you made one yourself, or better yet – have someone design a dentist website for you.

    1. Pick out a good domain name.

    You should be choosy with the domain name. Your domain should match your real name, such as johnsmithdds(dot)com or marthagrantdmd(dot)com. And, because you are setting up a website for a commercial establishment, you should always a pick out a .com extension, not a .net or .org. If the domain name you prefer has already been registered by someone else, you can always add a hyphen or add/remove relevant keywords until you can register it.

    *Note: It’s also practical to purchase two domain names: the primary one (which is your name), and a secondary one that mentions your area of practice and/or location (e.g. floridaorthodontist or cosmeticdentistchicago). The secondary domain should redirect or mirror the contents of your primary domain.

    2. Get a web designer.

    Dentists aren’t actually the type of people who are apt at designing websites on their own. Dental website designers take pride in making your visions come alive, so why not hire one? You can always commission someone who has previous experience creating websites for dentists. That way, you can incur lesser costs by having the site finished in lesser time, because the designer probably has a template set aside for dentist websites.

    Keep in mind these layout dos and don’ts:

    a. DO keep the design simple. Choose a color motif that relays and idea of health, like white, light pink, light green, light blue, etc.

    b. DON’T use striking colors. Purple, gold, carnation, magenta are very unsightly hue unless the website is heavily dependent on images than text.

    c. DO keep the pages limited to only relevant ones. Keep the essential pages on a noticeable portion of the screen, and the less important pages/posts on the footer.

    e. DON’T turn the homepage into a blog or a montage of images. Patients already have a lot of pain going on, so it’s best the website radiates an aura of calmness and simplicity.

    f. DON’T let the designer dictate how the website will look like.

    g. DO have the web designer create a functionality of exporting contact form records as backup in case of migrating data.

    3. Pages/sections every dentist website should have:

    a. Contact form for patients – Make sure this is easily noticeable. There should be a simple contact form, which can be viewed on the sidebar of every page, and a detailed contact form, for patients who don’t want to use the downloadable patient forms.

    b. Downloadable patient form – This should be in PDF/DOC format. The mailing instructions are also to be stated on the form itself.

    c. Directions to your clinic – Have the web designer integrate Google Maps for easier reference.

    d. A phone number – And, if possible, a toll-free telephone number or a fax number.

    e. About page- this should contain relevant information about: education, experience as a dentist, areas of practice, affiliations, and relevant accolades. This page should contain a professional picture of yourself, as well as your full name.

    f. Social media links – Appending your profile pages on social network sites boosts the chances of garnering more visitors. This is actually better than link building, since search engine rankings are also dependent on social media presence.

    There you have it. Once the website is live, you can start submitting it to local directories or hire a team of SEO specialists to raise its rankings for you. You can also purchase premium ad space from dentist directories that target your locality. You will be surprised having more clients once your website is online.