• When to See the Dentist & Dental Visit Tips


    December 5th, 2010adminarticles

    When the damage has been done, that’s when people deliberately go the dentist. It’s no question that a lot of us brush our teeth daily, but seeing a dentist never comes to mind until dental pain occurs.

    Nowadays, setting up a dental appointment is made easier via email or patient application forms on the dentist’s website. Dental websites have downloadable patient forms that you can print, fill up, scan and send back to the dentist’s email address. There are also electronic patient forms you can fill up on the website itself. Once the patient form has been sent, a representative of the dental office will contact you and notify you about the availability of the dentist. And since most people in metropolitan communities are too busy to commute to a dental office for information, they should just go and visit the dental website regarding the practice of the dentist. It will save you both time and money, and you can also do it at your leisure.

    The patient application form usually requires you to fill up these commonly-forgotten fields:

    1. Social Insurance Number
    2. Employer Name
    3. Referrer Name
    4. Full Details of Dental Insurance Provider/Other Insurance Providers
    5. Patient History:
    • Are you presently under medical treatment?
    • Controlled/illegal substance abuse history?
    • Cardiac arrest/asthma episodes, etc?
    • Surgical operations to be done in the future?

    Do be advised that dentists uphold responsibility for the confidentiality of medical information you give them. If in doubt, you can always personally visit the dentist’s office and ask for a tangible form instead of transmitting the sensitive medical information via the internet.

    Meet the dentist, regardless of dental pain, at least every six months. The fee is quite reasonable, and the prognosis they give your teeth is actually quite beneficial. In your visit, the dentist follows a standard procedure of checking the farthest places in your mouth with a mouth mirror (or a dental mirror). The probing will check your mouth for any signs of cavities, gum problems, hidden cracks & sills, discolorations, and any signs of weakening dental health. The dentist may shine a bright light on your face once the probing is being done, so remember to close your eyes, or bring sunglasses. It is also imperative to brush your teeth thoroughly and remove any lipstick or cosmetic piercings before going inside the dental clinic.

    Do remember that the reason for visiting the dentist does is not limited to tooth and gum problems. If you have problems swallowing food, your jaw as been locked, or if you are experiencing any type of pain has happened in your mouth, dentists are the professionals you should consult first. Do not enlist the aid of a therapist or any other pseudo-health practitioner until a licensed professional says so.