• Dental Products and Consumer Awareness in the 21st Century


    July 14th, 2010adminarticles

    One emergent fact in the 21st century is the increasing level of consciousness people have on their dental health. More people, regardless of financial status often seek dental advice on a bi-yearly basis. It is imperative to know what triggers this level of consciousness.

    Why do people need cosmetic dentistry and at-home dental products? And why do people, on a consensus, care more about their oral health than their medical health. A lot of factors contribute to this phenomenon. The mass media, over the years, have struck an all-time high in the air time of oral product campaigns. These advertisements, along with a few other infomercials, have given clarity on the importance of dental health and some frightening visuals of people who neglect caring for their teeth. This has raised awareness on the general public’s decision on whether they should prioritize their dental routines.

    Toothbrushes, for the most part, have been the catalyst of the promotion of dental health products. Unwittingly, the more we see the Colgate™ commercial that features anthropomorphic toothbrush that talks about how better he is than the regular toothbrushes probably makes us wonder on the efficiency of our dental products, hence the looming concern on what products really do the job of cleaning our teeth.

    The percentage of people going to their local dentists has risen over the years. A majority of dental clinics have experienced an increase in revenue, thanks to the help of infomercials promoting the care of our teeth. The once feared dental clinic is now one of the most sought after commercial establishments because of the friendly and thorough advice dentists give us.

    The internet has also played a role in promoting the care for our teeth. Magazine blogs often drive the highest volume of visitors each day – and mind you, the majority of these visitors are in it for the ads too. And one might notice the rampant and clustering ad space on these blogs that mostly features dental whitening products and oral care products at retail prices (not to mention coupons). This, along with the dazzling smile of celebrities who unconsciously endorse these products (because the ads appear next to the actress’ paparazzi photo), have given way to a much more lighter and appealing side of dental care products.

    Several other sources have also unconsciously given a boost to the dental health industry. Before the internet shone on the commercial establishments and various products, a majority of our spending routines were only limited to food. Now, as we scan through blogs and different websites, we get more allured by the ads than the content itself. When it was the prime of television, we can only see the dental products flash for about 20 seconds, leaving us in curiosity, and we finally end up ignoring the product because of the lack of information placed on the 20 -second ad – and we surely don’t want to go to a supermarket just to look at the ingredients of the mouth wash that we just saw. With the internet, research has become more convenient and appealing. Before buying a product, we can be informed of what the entire composition of that product is, because we’ve done some preliminary research – whether it’s an old or new brand of mouthwash we’re buying, we have this sort of impulse to buy it once we’ve seen it because we’ve done the “thorough” research.

    Cosmetic dentistry has become more accessible over the years primarily because of the internet, and not word of mouth. There is no better way to promote dental products than via visually captivating media. The internet has now a large chunk of the advertising industry, so expect more compelling ads on dental products within the next decade. You might just be surprised if the whom you thought were skeptical of using dental products other than toothpastes are now using more dental products than you are. Ask them why and they’d probably tell you “I Googled this product! You’ve got to check it out!”