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    Proper oral hygiene is the practice of keeping our teeth, mouth, tongue, and gums clean in order to prevent unwanted dental problems in the future. Removing bacteria and plaque is done via means of brushing on a regular basis, flossing, cleaning the tongue, and regular visits to the dentist’s office. It is highly recommended to schedule dental checkups every six months; but those who already have severe oral diseases or are heavy smokers should have appointments frequently.

    A person could easily avoid having gingivitis, gum disease, or cavities by making it a point to brush at least three times a day or after every other meal. Brushing the teeth helps remove plaque and food stuck in between whilst also preventing the formation of tartar. Plaque is basically a sticky film. It contains bacteria that cling to the enamel, the base of the teeth, and the gums.

    Although a good quality toothbrush may help reduce the risk of any form of dental issue, there are times that it isn’t that capable of thoroughly removing every unwanted particle in the mouth. Flossing is another factor involved in tooth care. It allows one to reach areas between the teeth that a normal toothbrush couldn’t.

    However, for those who have braces or those who simply cannot floss may opt to use an oral irrigator. This is an instrument that streams water, the way a normal water hose would, to clean the mouth. The water pressure has the ability to reach hard-to-reach areas of the mouth including the gum line and the sides of the molars.

    Using mouthwash chewing prescribed gums also aide in proper tooth care.

    It is a fact that oral hygiene is determined by our diet and lifestyle. Consuming foods that are high in sugar may lead to the formation of cavities, while those that contain high levels of acid may damage the enamel. Chewing or smoking tobacco is not only bad for the health, but also leads to teeth discoloration.

    If the hair is our crowning body, then our set of teeth is probably the window to our personality. It is what people notice initially once we open our mouths to speak, smile, or express ourselves in certain ways. Make it a habit to brush regularly and implement the other oral care guidelines mentioned above.

               teeth crowns
teeth crowns

Nice article i am very much impressed by the way you have explained everything.  Caring for Teeth are much important these days. As teeth add beauty to one's face:)